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How can i break my hymen without it hurting or bleeding?


  1. In God We Trust says:

    This requires the services of a professional as in a doctor. It is NOT necessary for any person to break their own hymen. Whatever happens with it, should naturally occur. Again, I wish you well. Peace!!!

  2. mrsross22 says:

    I am not sure why you would want to break your hymen but it is going to hurt and it will bleed some. There is no doubt about that. Your hymen is a layer of tissue in your *censored* so it gonna hurt if you break it. Good luck

  3. W۰۪۫I۰۪۪۪۫۫۫۫N۰۪۪۪۫۫۫۫N۰۪۫I۪۰۪۫E says:

    I do think that it hurts because someone is cutting your hymen. o’course it hurts or stings or something and if yours needs clipping, well only you’ll know or someone else who has had it done

  4. tamara_cyan says:

    Why on Earth would you want to do that?
    Breaking hymen doesn’t necessarily hurt. Some women’s hymen is so small that there is no pain or bleeding, but most do hurt and bleed. No avoiding it. Just a necessary part of *censored* life.

  5. *Angel* says:

    Well the pain can vary, but it will bleed. Sorry. You can break your hymen just doing every day stuff like horse riding alot, I’m sure you’ve heard of that one. Most peoples break during *censored*, and again, the pain here can vary depending on whether you’re ready or not. I have never heard about clipping but talk to your doctor. Just because you are talking about it doesn’t mean he/she will break it right there and then. You can probably have some pain killers for that too.


  6. Jessicah says:

    Its going to bleed no matter what, its almost like getting your period for the first time. But the easiest way to break it without intercourse is by using a *censored*. They will break your hymen, which is why they arent recommended for people who have never been sexually active.

  7. Baby Boy Due Nov. 16th! says:

    Why would you want to? Mine broke a LONG time ago, I never felt it or had ANY blood. Sometimes it just happens from doing normal stuff like; riding a bike, falling, *censored*…many things.

    EDIT: It’s so funny how people on here just ‘KNOW’ that it will hurt and bleed, sorry, but that is not true. It MAY hurt and it MAY bleed. But, it may NOT hurt OR bleed.

  8. zhala says:

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  9. Love my curves! Whoa! says:

    Curious: Are you trying to break your hymen before you have " *censored*"? And it may already be broken as mentioned. It can happen from everyday activities (sports, etc.). Some women bleed and some do not. It may be painful (just a little) if it happens during *censored*. I would say that *censored* it done surgically is really extensive and would probably hurt a LOT more and longer. Just let it happen on it’s own if it hasn’t already! I wish you the best of luck! And if you’re a *censored*: Don’t rush to lose it. You’re not missing out on anything that can’t wait ;-) .

  10. angelmommy113007 says:

    If you’ve ever used *censored* or rode your bike or rode horses it may already be broken. It doesn’t necessarily hurt or bleed.

  11. Jayne X says:

    The first time you have *censored* is typically when your hymen breaks, however you can break it by falling the wrong way or other freak accidents. No point on getting it clipped though…the only reason I can imagine anyone would want to do this is so they don’t bleed the first time they have *censored* or so it doesn’t hurt as much the first time you have *censored* and let me tell you that WONT matter. Even if your hymen is no longer in tact that first time of *censored* wont be anything like what *censored* will be like everytime thereafter. It will hurt regardless and you still may even bleed…some people don’t bleed when their hymen breaks anyway. It isn’t as much blood as a period or anything, your partner probably wont notice if you go to the bathroom right after anyway. Just relax and wait until your first *censored* experience, even though it hurts a little you’ll have so much adrenaline you will barely notice.

  12. ? says:

    I broke my hymen long before I had *censored* somehow. I imagine it was riding my bike, using *censored*, competitive gymnastics, ballet, or something similar. I don’t ever remember that hurting or bleeding, but it probably did a little bit – I just didn’t notice.

    I found out I had broken it at the gynecologist. She did a *censored* pap smear on me because I wanted to take birth control to try to control endometriosis (a condition that causes extremely heavy and painful periods). She told me my hymen was broken and it was not unusual at all.

    You could also *censored* to break it.

    If you’re trying to break your hymen so it doesn’t hurt during your first *censored* experience — I’m sorry but the hymen breaking is not the only part that hurts!

    I was SO SORE the day after I first had *censored* I walked funny.

    It hurt like that for the first few times and eventually my body got used to it and it no longer hurt.

    If you’re trying to break your hymen so you can use *censored* comfortably — because it won’t seem to break for you just using them and is uncomfortable? I had a friend in highschool who had this problem. Try *censored* or fingering yourself roughly before you have the doctor do it. Or maybe you aren’t using the *censored* properly. It will be embarrassing, but try asking your doctor or mother to show you how to use them properly.

    I don’t know about it being "clipped" by the doctor — I imagine being that concious and nervous of it would hurt more.. but they could also probably put some lidocaine or something in there to numb it up first so it doesn’t hurt.

    It wouldn’t hurt to ask your gynecologist!

    Good luck with this!

  13. hilljennifer67 says:

    It’s gonna hurt and bleed some.

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