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How long can the average boy or girl hold their pee?


  1. cierra.lovely says:

    not too long, I mean you don’t want them to get a urinary tract infection. boys do get that too, right? it’s not just girls?

  2. SWC says:

    I see about 15 minutes.

  3. Brett O says:

    over a day, but its very bad for you

  4. borat says:

    depends on if you have a bladder probelm and if you are thinking about it.

  5. p_pup42 says:

    I’ve held mine for 3 hours once. I can hold it even longer if I’m sleeping. At least 3 more hours.

  6. ambz says:

    it depends i can go at least 30mintues

  7. monkey101 says:


  8. Mike R says:

    when i was 13 on a road trip with my dad i held it in for 11 hours and i wasnt i any pain or discomfort, they just forget about it after a while

  9. liljill1315 says:

    about a day or a few hours

  10. RadTech says:

    Have there been studies on this??

  11. lostatpacific says:

    and 6 or 8 hours max for an adult – I dono about kids.

    You can’t just pull over on the side of the road?

  12. Josephene says:

    4 me an hour + a half when i was 10 but now like 2 hours i havent really tried though and

  13. brandy n says:

    Uh iv’e held it for 3 hours before lol

  14. Gimmer says:

    It really just depends on the person. I can go quite awhile, while other members of my family cannot.

    If this is such a major concern for you, maybe traveling with them is not the best option. Also, try asking your sister, she’ll probably have a better idea.

  15. danger mike says:

    i used to hold it all day in school because the between class periods were insanely short

  16. samurai without beard says:

    depends wat u feed say about 1 hour and im only72 hohoho. no im 12.

  17. Emily Dew says:

    What kind of road trip are you planning that you can’t spare a few moments for periodic pit stops? This will definitely be a trip they’ll remember! Maybe you can hand out adult diapers to everyone before you start out.

  18. Pretty Wife says:

    its better to restrained them for drinking always so they can hold their pee for hours…n better to pee bfore u go

  19. 32 weeks with baby #1(Noah) says:

    You shouldn’t hold your pee, ever. This can lead to infections such as bladder, kidney, or UTIs. If they are sleeping then they will obviously go longer without needing to use the restroom. But they shouldn’t be denied the use of a restroom if they have to go. I suppose they could try limiting their drinks while on the road though.

  20. msdarkness says:

    not all people have the same amount of bladder control, whether its a boy or a girl.

  21. Potato Monster says:

    kids will usually pee despite if their asleep or not because they can’t hold that muscle for long durations.

    but often what happens is, sleeping sets the body into a suspended mode where everything slows down, thus is why it appears as if you can hold your pee longer when your asleep. But what happens often is you wake up from the need to pee.

  22. ViPo says:

    I think about 30 minuets the most.

  23. Deleted one says:

    I can hold mine for 3 hr before I have to go. With kids of that age I would plan for every 2 hrs.

  24. Allie B says:

    I’m 15 and i have a 13 year old neice and we both can travel about 8 hours without stoping to pee, as long as we don’t drink anything before we go and we pee before we leave then were fine. And if they get thirsty just make sure they drink a drink really slowly don’t chug it.

  25. Olivia Grace says:

    I can hold it all day…but I don’t know the average time…I would think probably a few hours or so…but I’m not sure

  26. Lonnie M says:

    You should plan on stopping about every two hours. And thats if you can get them all to go at once. If not then it could be every 15 minutes.

  27. Kaya says:

    Sleeping wont make a difference. how well hydrated they are will, if they drink a lot before they go, or have a diuretic like caffeine/watermelon their bodies will produce more urine. I don’t recommend making them hold their urine as it can make them prone to incontinence later in life.

  28. davidqw3 says:

    at that age they can jump out the car and just weeeeeeee!!!! 2 kids one 6 one 7 we normally stopped every hour till we got a big bottle they weeeee in that no more stopping lol

  29. Laura says:

    They shouldn’t more than 5 hours. That’s bad for you to keep all that waste in your body.

  30. piekingamerica says:

    just on on to your little boys diaper and tell him to pee in it.

  31. Andy says:

    It depends on the person. All people are different. Sleeping won’t help because most likely when they wake up they will need to pee. For the boys you can either stop on the side of the road and let them go or get a bottle for them to go in. For the girls its harder. Maybe get diapers and have them put them on and bring a bag to dispose of them in. Also ask your sister for advice and see if she has any ideas.

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