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I have a 5 week old baby and he cries everytime we put him down. How do we soothe him without picking him up?


  1. Micah Richards says:

    get some kind of carrier, so you can hold him and do other things at the same time… he NEEDS to be held.

  2. Smell My Finger says:

    …go to the Store and get yourself a old fashioned (wind-up) "Tick-Tock" type Clock.
    ("tick-tock…tick-tock…tick-tock")… place the Child in it’s Crib and have the Ol’tick-tock Clock fastened to the Crib so that the Baby can clearly "hear" the "tick-tock"…

    Let the Clock do it’s Magic !

  3. deedee says:

    Well I dont have a baby, but I have a friend who is in a similar situation. I watched the baby one night and every time we had put her down she cried and cried. But we figured out that by putting her in her car seat with a bunch of blankets surrounding her she was fine. I talked to someone about it and they said they thought it was because babies like being in a safe place and being all bundled up in one place made them feel better. Well I am not sure if this is true, but I did try it on one baby and she stopped crying and thankfully went to sleep. If u try this ur baby might cry a bit at the beginning but I think he will stop. I would put the baby in the car seat and then sit next to it and talk to the baby for a bit and then leave lol. sounds kinda mean but thts wat i would do. Good luck

  4. Sasha Wales says:

    Welcome to motherhood. Should have thought about that before *censored* a baby. Pick him up you selfish woman and stop letting him scream.

  5. theeonenonli says:

    Yes babies at 5 mths old need held n soothed..but there are other ways to soothe him and its good to start now because yes you can spoil a baby at an infant age. This way starting early it will be easier for him to soothe himself as he gets older. With my son I sang to him..patted his butt..did the shushing sound mimicking his cry. Even though its still contact with you its still more independent. You can also try mobiles or stuffed animals that sing. I had a really cool mobile thing for my son that put pictures of animals on the ceiling and that always worked. Good luck

  6. zoo york dork says:

    Hey! First off, congrats on your new baby! This reminds me of when I had my son. He’s now 4. :)

    There are inexpensive swings sold at Target & Walmart that will rock your son back and forth while playing soft music. There are also some "Bouncers" that vibrate and sooth the baby. They are called "bouncers" because you can use your hand to bounce it up and down while your baby lays on it, or it he’ll bounce whenever he kicks his *censored*.

    Target has the best items, in my opinion:

    Also, as much as it hurts to hear him cry, sometimes you just *have* to let him cry it out. If his diaper is clean, if he has already been fed, bathed, etc. then it is extremely okay to let your son cry it out. If you are too stressed, then just lay him down and let him cry and give yourself time to relax. It’s not bad, he is okay! also has awesome advise and tips. ( I am looking up Toddler Lunches now :)

    Good luck! Congrats again! :)


  7. Emmy Jo says:

    Five weeks is still very young. When your child reaches five or six months or so, it may be time to train him to be able to amuse himself a little bit more. When our son was five months old, he developed a new cry — I called it his "tantrum cry" — he’d use it if I tried to put him in his carseat or stroller and he didn’t want to go or if I’d take him away from something he wanted to play with. At that point, when your baby develops a different sort of "tantrum cry," I think it’s okay to start training him that crying won’t always get him what he wants. (Still, I wouldn’t let a five- or six-month old cry for more than ten minutes at a time, and I’d never let him cry so hard he gets hysterical.) But a five-week-old baby needs as much love and security as possible. He is unable to entertain himself, and that’s okay!

    Of course, it’s hard to hold your baby all the time. I had a baby who wanted to be held all the time, too. I realized that he was only going to be tiny for a few months, and even though it was hard to hold him so much, I should treasure the time he was so small and spend as much time with him as I could. While he was awake, I honestly didn’t get much done, other than talking to him and singing to him and reading with him and playing with him. I did my chores while he was napping or after my husband got home from work.

    A few things that do help:

    – Consider investing in a baby swing or bouncy seat with soothing vibrations. Our son never liked the swing, but after he was about three months old, he would sit happily in his bouncy seat in the kitchen while I would unload the dishwasher or put away groceries. I remember the first time he sat happily in his bouncy seat while I entertained him by putting away groceries and making up a musical number about the items I was putting away. It opened up a whole new world for me of being able to do a 10-minute chore while the baby was awake! Be careful to not use these TOO often, though, or babies can develop a flat spot on the back of their head.

    – Get a front carrier. We used the Ergo Baby carrier with the infant insert. It worked really well, and our son was comfortable, although if I had it to do all over again I would purchase a different carrier for when he was really small — after using the Ergo Baby carrier without the infant insert, I realized how much easier it is to NOT have to deal with the infant insert. There is one called the Beco Butterfly Baby carrier that gets really good reviews. I’ve also heard great things about the Moby Wrap. These enable you to get some chores done while still holding your baby close to you. When our son was little, I made a funny list of things that were difficult but still possible to do while wearing a baby in a front pack. The list included: going to the bathroom, washing dishes, chopping vegetables (but not onions, and only if your baby is too young to grab for the knife), cooking (but not stir-frying), tidying up a room, and breastfeeding. In fact, once I even managed to tidy up the house while breastfeeding the baby in our front carrier. We were expecting guests in 15 minutes, our baby woke up earlier than I expected, our house was a mess, and I was desperate. A front pack is probably the BEST option for the baby who needs to be held.

    – If your arms get tired, take him for a walk in his stroller. Usually the motion of the stroller will calm him down.

    – If he is inconsolable, try swaddling him. Babies like to feel secure, and wrapping them tightly in swaddling blankets is sometimes the next best thing to holding them. Don’t use swaddling too often, though, as babies need to be able to develop their motor skills by moving their arms around — but it’s great when used just at sleepy times or during times when the baby is very upset.

    – Put on some white noise, such as a fan or vacuum cleaner.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps! Cherish the time you have with your son.

  8. shawnee_morrison09 says:

    aww! He is just spoiled!

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