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What should I get my wife for the birth of our 1st born child?


  1. Preemie Mom says:

    Good for you! Your wife is lucky. Don’t buy her jewelry. My husband wrote me a very heartfelt card and gave me a gift certificate for a massage (which it took me over 3 months to actually use, but I was so appreciative of the thought). Pregnant women/new moms are over-tired and hormonal. All we really want is to know that we have a loving, supportive husband by our sides!!

  2. 0Annie0 says:

    A maid for a week! Im sure she will be so happy with that! lol

  3. Elizawhearhouse says:

    Maybe you could find either a necklace or charm bracelet with a baby bootie charm.

  4. Alicia Holloway says:

    My husband got me flowers, wrote me a very sweet poem, and waited on me hand and *censored* until he had to go back to work. He got 10 days paternity leave from the military. It was very sweet; I loved it.

  5. sweetteamawmaw says:

    My husband gave me a beautiful necklace..antique( he knows i love antique jewelery) with mine and my sons birth stone. He also gave me a certificate for a local Spa, so i could get a massage and any other treatments i wanted..Although the first answer was totally uncalled for the attitude she was kind of right..You know your wife better than anyone here..Maybe ask her friends her parents or a sister if she has mentioned nayhting she would like or has been wanting..Good luck and congrats

  6. Tauna Brunson says:

    i personaly wish i had something with my childrens name and birthstone on it

  7. Kaiya says:

    Im serious when I say this..

    Give her your full undivided attention. Be there for her for ever moment she is concious threw the labor. Be there for her afterwards. Get her what ever she asks for in the moment to make her a little more confortable. And be a hand to hold.

    Gifts in this situation are not nessisary. She is already receiving the gift of life, there isnt a whole not that can top that.

    If you would really like to do something speacial for her, get a gift cirtificate for a great spa, so she can take a day off when she really needs it.

  8. Desirex says:

    wellll, you gave her a baby…

    just take care of her.

  9. Ilse Dean says:

    AMAZING!Is that what you want?

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