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When can I take a bath after *censored* a baby naturally?


  1. alina says:


    For most women healing is uncomplicated, although it may take several weeks. You can help speed the process by asking nurses to apply ice packs immediately following the birth.

    To Continue The Healing Process Over The Next Few Weeks You Should:

    * Use sitz bath a few times a day, change your pads frequently, and try a heat lamp to keep the area around the stitches clean and dry.
    * Take stool softeners and eat lots of fiber to prevent constipation.
    * Perform Kegel exercises. Squeeze the muscles that you use to hold in urine for five minutes, 10 times a day, during your regular activities.

    To Help Relieve Your Pain And Discomfort You Should:

    * Take a warm bath, but not before 24 hours postpartum.
    * Apply warm compresses, ice packs, or witch hazel to the affected area.
    * Use over-the-counter topical anesthetics such as sprays or creams.

    I had this done both times and the hospital gave me ice packs as well as topical anesthetics to use. My doctor came in to check out the stitches and I asked him when can i take a shower he said if you feel up it we have one in your room go ahead and take one. So the next day after giving birth i took a shower, even though i felt a little light headed but it felt so good to feel clean.

  2. Luv2Ride says:

    Call your doctor and ask him.

  3. JULIE H says:

    My doctor told me 7-10 days after baby

  4. kayla.dianne says:

    go take one now a nice warm bath will feel soo don’t have to wait…well i did my doctor told me to go to "sits" where i would sit in a warm bath bc my stitches were bothering me but he also told me to make sure i was completely dry bc i put my underwear back on i recommend using a blow dryer i know it sounds weird but you don’t want that moister down there

  5. jazzy-broad says:

    you need to wait about 4 to six weeks. that’s what my gynecologists told me


    You could’ve taken one four days ago. Go enjoy!

  7. Tanker says:

    I would wait until the stiches come out so you don’t have to worry about infection. Take showers until the stitches come out. Congradulations on your new baby.

  8. josephlalaniz says:

    i’m pretty sure it’s safe 4 you to bathe just not in too hot water and dont use any perfumed soap till the stitches come out. in any case if ur not too sure ask ur dr or just call his office the nurse should be able to help u.

  9. mewclaw says:

    When I had a c-section, i only had to wait two weeks, so i imagine for vaginal birth it’s shorter than that. Probably, when your stitches have absorbed or been removed. you can also call your DR’s office and ask one of the nurses. Or you can look in your local phone book for a nurse helpline and ask them.

  10. shhhhhibbs23 says:

    Well Ive never had a child but I have had stitches before. I had mine in for a week or more and could get it wet after 2 days.

    It all depends on how deep they are and how many.
    You won’t hurt yourself but getting the stitched area wet makes the skin unable to heal as fast and may actually bleed.

    You are better off talking to your doctor.

    For now Id stick to showers, I think that may be safe to do.

  11. Yoda Pirate! says:

    baths are fine but they can’t be hot, use luke warm water and don’t lay flat in the water

  12. Ava's Mom says:

    I took one 5 days after I had my baby naturally. It is good to soak in warm water, just don’t make it too hot. You have to bathe because you have to take the baby to the doctor for a one week check up anyway. You are so tired, you don’t feel like standing up in the shower! Make sure you dry off well "down there".

  13. Katie W says:

    I took a bath as soon as i got home but it is true that you want to dry thats why most doc say to wait! But as long as your not too sensitive to dry off down there then you should be fine! It really does help with stitches. I had 8 and was increadibly uncomfortable and baths always helped oh yeah the blow dryer thats a good idea too!

  14. depecheroni says:

    Take a bath you deserve one, just don’t put any soap or bubbles in it. Water wont cause infection but soap may get inside and cause problems.

  15. jugheadjane says:

    U need a proffessional advise….bcoz my officemate had stitches (zcaerian). and the water she used for taking a bath happend to have bacteria in it…..she ended *censored* another operation due to infection……however,my sister have had normal delivery and took a bath the next day and her OB says its ok……………..

  16. jilly says:

    no dont!! you dont want to risk getting an infection. you *censored* could be dirty or any part of your body. I know it would be nice but wait until your stiches heel. 6 weeks after *censored* your baby you are supposed to go in and get checked out to make sure your stitches and everything is ok. even going in the lake or ocean you should wait until your doctor gives you the ok!

  17. gladtohelp23 says:

    I didn’t have stitches so am not sure if I am correct but I had a bath the first day home. Call a health professional or google it. It might be a good idea just to rinse the area off after with clean water then dry it completely.

  18. Janet S says:

    I say you should wait for at least 2 weeks.

  19. AliDawn says:

    My doc told me very shallow baths, like sitz baths, were okay to relieve pain from the stitches. I was told to wait until my six-week check-up to take regular baths because it takes your cervix some time to close back tight again, and if you take a regular bath you risk getting water into your uterus, which can be very dangerous. You need to ask your own doctor though, I’m sure he/she wouldn’t give you any advice they didn’t think was safe.

  20. adayinjanuary says:

    I had one straight away but in plain water. after a few days I used some baby bath in the water and used some baby shampoo someone bought my dd. I left it about 4 weeks until I started to use my own bubbles/shampoo again.
    If you’re worried, you’re best to speak to your midwife/health visitor.

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