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What is a very creative, sentimental way to tell my boyfriend I'm pregnant again?


  1. Musicluver167 says:

    Have a romantic dinner! have baby corn, baby back ribs, and baby shrimp ask him if he notices a theme…This was on a episode of fullhouse!

  2. Zach Wurst says:

    Well that can be a tough one. I think the best way is make a nice dinner then get then when you feel its right tell him

  3. Kristy J says:

    Maybe get an "I Love my Daddy" onesie for him and a card with a pic of the test in it or something like that.

  4. kslice687 says:

    My idea wasn’t very creative, but I wrapped my pregnancy test up in a bracelet box and gave it to my hubby on Valentine’s Day. :) :)

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